Inspired by nature
and myths

The Raven from the North is an artistic project created by Czech artist Jakub Vaniš. It is focused on recreating the ancient art in modern way.
Jakub was born in 1992 in Jablonec nad Nisou in Czech Republic. Growing up in the Jizera Mountains and being close to the nature had a big influence on his art.
He specializes in Viking art, norse style drawings, bronze age, medieval engraving style as well as some other styles.
He uses both good old paper with ink and modern technologies such as drawing tablet to create his art.
He also practice the technique of machine free hand poke tattooing.

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Reference and quotes

Einar Selvik/ Wardruna (No)

"I first came across his work through an Instagram post of a fan-art drawing he had made of me playing a Kravik-lyre. Immediately, I recognized that in the aforementioned piece as well as in his other works, there was something really refreshing about his modern interpretations of ancient decorative styles. I liked it so much that what was initially a fan-art illustration, ended up as the front cover of the Wardruna album «Skald». Since then we have worked together on other illustrations and hopefully there are more to come!"

Kati RÁN (NL)

"The art drawings and tattoo work of Jakub Vaniš immediately caught my eye in a sea of contenders. His beautiful Kati Rán dotwork series got so much appreciation from fans on our tshirts; we simply had to incorporate it in our album design aswell. Jakub is quick, precise and an original artist. I will always support him where I can. "

Oliver Satyr / Faun (DE)

"Jakub is an outstanding illustrator and tattoo artists with a unique style. Like only a very few other artists around the world he knows how to capture the spirit of the old nordic myths in his illustrations and tattoo designs. This and his great skill in the traditional handpoking tattoo techniques are the reasons why I chose him as tattoo artists for three of my tattoos."

Descended from Odin (UK)

"Easily one of the most recognised and consistent artists in his field, Jakub's pieces stand out as authentic & purposeful. Dedicated to capturing stories in a historical style with contemporary flair, I am perhaps most impressed by this artist's refusal to stay still as he continues to develop and progress new styles and produce an insane volume of works with never a 'B-side' in sight"

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